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Bert Klassen

How to take stunning garden pictures

• To add a sense of scale, add some family members or pets. And hey, now that you have them out there, why not take a few photos for next year's holiday greeting card?

Film and prints
• The most common film speeds (ISOs) are 100, 200 and 400. The most versatile speed is 400 because it is suitable for most lighting conditions. However, if you plan to enlarge your photos beyond 5 x 7 inches, I recommend using one of the lower speeds, as your prints will be sharper and the colours brighter. Keep in mind, though, that in low-light situations, using 100 speed may result in slightly blurry images if the camera is not rock-steady when you click the shutter.

• Finally, after you have picked up your prints or are viewing your digital captures on your computer, don't be afraid to edit and toss out all the so-so images. Ten good photo-graphs make much more of an impact than dozens of mediocre ones.

What are you waiting for? Get out there and start clicking away.

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