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Protect your plants over the winter

From tender perennials to delicate shrubs, keep all your plants safe until spring

protect-plants-mulch.jpgBlanket your garden with a cosy winter mulch
One of the best ways to prepare the garden for winter is by piling a layer of organic mulch onto your flowerbeds. This is especially important in regions of the country where snowfall is unreliable, which often leaves the ground bare and plants exposed to weather extremes. Find out how to spread it around your plants.

protect-plants-foes.jpgWinter foes: Sun, wind and snow
When you think of a Canadian winter, you think of the frosty temperatures and snow. But oddly enough, cold and, in many cases, even snow, aren't your garden's worst winter enemies; it's the wind and those sunny winter days we love that could kill our plants. So, how do you deal with the elements?

protect-plants-take-cuttings.jpgTake cuttings now for spring flowers
Have you fallen in love with one of the new coleus cultivars? Did you just inherit your grandmother's prize Pelargonium? Or are you simply tired of paying top dollar for your favourite double-flowered, variegated pink Impatiens? If so, consider overwintering your favourites indoors by taking tip cuttings this autumn to propagate tender perennials—and help your thumb stay green while the snow flies. Here's what you need to do.

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