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Protect your plants over the winter

From tender perennials to delicate shrubs, keep all your plants safe until spring

protect-plants-how-to.jpgTroubleshooting tips for overwintering plants
Whether you've got leaf drop or leggy growth, tips and tricks to keep your plants healthy over winter.

Problem: Weak, leggy plants
Cause: Lack of sunlight
Solution: Find a sunny spot by a window, away from forced air vents. Pinch back to two healthy leaves to increase fullness. See if you can determine what's ailing your plants.

protect-plants-wisteria.jpgWinter-proofing wisteria
There are several things you can do to give your wisteria the best chance of survival. The first—and most important—step is to provide a good supply of water during the fall. Dry soil harms roots and causes stress; water will transport nutrients from the soil, increasing the plant’s stored energy. Read what you should do next.

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