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Fit to garden: Improve your balance

Amanda Etty
Photography by
Ryan Brook/TC Media

Strengthen your balance and posture while gardening with these three simple moves.

Stay strong and limber while you garden with three simple moves from certified personal trainer Anna Griffith of Performative Element.


Donkey kick with lawn chair

Hamstrings, glutes, core, lower back; good for balance.

1 Stand with your hands on the back of a sturdy lawn chair.

2 Pull your abdominals in toward your spine, and bend the left leg in toward your chest with a strongly flexed foot.

3 Engage your glutes, then kick the leg back and up toward the sky, keeping your hips level and your core tight.

4 Hold for a moment, and then bring the knee back toward your chest. Repeat 10 times, then switch sides.

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