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How to use essential oils

Kama Lee Jackson

Learn how to use essential oils from registered aromatherapy health practitioner, Tracey TieF.

Here’s how to use the essential oils (use the real stuff—artificial scents in most drugstore products won’t do the trick):

  • You can use the flowers in a vase, or boughs of evergreen in wreaths or sprays around the house, and have herbs in the garden or drying in a shadowy place in the kitchen ready for a cup of herbal tea.
  • Make a nice room freshener by adding essential oils to a glass spray bottle with a few tablespoons of vodka and/or witch hazel, shake it up, then add water. Then, just shake and spray!
  • Diffuse essential oils very gently into a room by filling a bottle with 2/3 vegetable oil and adding about 20 drops of essential oil, then placing natural rattan reeds in the bottle and flipping these daily.
  • Resins, like frankincense and myrrh, can be bought in drops and dissolved in vegetable oil by gently warming on the stove for several hours. The resulting oil can be used as a perfume oil or moisturizer. The undissolved resin can be placed in a bowl to gently fragrance a room.
  • To use a candle diffuser, light a palm or vegetable wax tea light (using paraffin candles releases soot, petroleum by-products and possibly heavy metals into the air) and place one to three tablespoons of water in the upper cup with a few drops of essential oil.

Thanks to Tracey TieF for her all her know-how on essential oils. Tracey is a registered aromatherapy health practitioner and owner of Anarres Natural Health Clinic in Toronto. Her website,, has lots of helpful information about essential oils and their uses.

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