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Summer suncare

Protect your skin while digging in your garden with these expert tips

Adopting healthy sunscreen practices can be easy and potentially life saving. Though a tan may appear attractive, Dr. Evans insists you remember that it also represents damage to your skin, and while not as harmful as a burn, it is not safe. “The only truly safe tan is one that comes from a bronzer or self-tanner,” says Dr. Evans. “I personally love flowers and fresh vegetables, and want to keep those who tend them as healthy and fresh as the beautiful gardens they produce.”

Recommended products

Ombrelle Body Milk SPF 60 with Mexoryl XL for the body, $17.99 Ombrelle For the Face SPF 45, $16.99              Ombrelle Lip Balm SPF 30, $8.99
Kiss My Face suncreen
SPF 30 with oat protein complex, $14.86                           
Kiss My Face face factor
SPF 30 for face+neck, $14.86                                   
Kiss My Face Hotspots SPF 30, $10.27

Ombrelle available at Shoppers Drug Mart; Kiss My Face available at Loblaws.

Sunscreen and little gardeners
The earlier you begin instilling the importance of proper suncare into your children’s lives, the better the chance it will become a habit they practice into adulthood. Give Dr. Evans’ “Shadow Rule” a try. The smaller the shadow of a person is, the more dangerous the UVB rays are, so your child should be aware of his/her shadow and its size while having fun in the sun. If it appears small then it’s time to go indoors or play in the shade.

Recommended product Ombrelle Kids Protection Milk SPF 60 with Mexoryl XL, $17.99.

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