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10 ways to attract butterflies to your yard


Provide a welcoming environment in the garden for these colourful insects and their young

6. Plant nectar plants and host plants close together
Mix and match your plants, so butterflies don’t have to fly too far from their food source to lay their eggs.

7. Use lots of colour in the garden
Adult butterflies are attracted to a rainbow of shades, including red, yellow, orange, pink and purple. When choosing your butterfly-friendly cultivars, avoid the monochromatic look!

8.  Offer shelter
A butterfly house will protect your winged friends from the elements when they need a rest, as well as from hungry birds!

9. Provide a place for “puddling”

Even butterflies need to hydrate. They like wet sand and mud where they can have a drink and extract minerals.

10. Leave them alone!
Butterflies can provide some fantastic photo opportunities, but avoid disturbing them.

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