Skin Care for women over 40 celebrates Canadian women at midlife. Whether it's hot flashes driving you crazy, you're working to avoid midlife weight gain or thinking about breast health, we've got intelligent articles that address your health and fitness.

We know you want to look as healthy on the outside as you feel on the inside, so we've got a sassy look at fashion and beauty designed for you – not your daughter. From anti-aging skin care to trends to love at midlife to a daily style-enhancing tip, join us in our celebration of beauty at midlife inside and out.

Speaking of beauty from the inside, we also share stories to inspire you, by and about women who really get it: Profiles of women who have reinvented their careers, reached out to their communities, or have risen to the top of their fields. We also dish about relationships: Marriage, dating, divorce and of course, parenting teens – or coping with the empty nest.

And of course we invite you to share your stories and experiences by commenting on all our articles, and writing your own reviews and stories in our attitude section. Why attitude? Because women our age have plenty of it! Explore our site and sign up for our newsletters so you get all the information and inspiration you need to avoid that midlife crisis – or at least go through it with style and grace.

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