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Colour your garden with coleus

Use this vibrant foliage to complement bright blooms or muted leaves.

Six hot coleus cultivars


Size: 75-90 cm x 30-45 cm
Light: Sun to shade

* Tall habit bearing burgundy red leaves with chartreuse centres

* Colour patterns are variable and are influenced by light levels, temperature and soil fertility. The parent of ‘Saturn’s Rings’ and ‘Wine Country’, full sun turns the centre of the leaves yellow

‘Inky Fingers’
40-60 cm x 60-75 cm
Light: sun to part shade

* Trailing, arching habit with dark purple fingered-leaves edged in lime green

* Repeated pinching produces a dense mass of foliage, less pinching results in longer stems that cascade gracefully from containers. A stable cultivar, ‘Inky Fingers’ is unlikely to sport, and main­tains its colour consistently

‘Plum Frost’
60-90 cm x 45-60 cm
Light: sun to part shade

* Loose, open growth habit with rich green leaves that have near-black ruffled edges

* A sport of ‘Purple Emperor’ discovered by coleus enthusiasts Charles and Linda Downer; better branched and easier to cultivate than its parent. Benefits from early season pinching

‘Fishnet Stockings’
60-90 cm x 30-40 cm
Light: part shade to shade

* Upright habit with near-black venation over yellow-green foliage

* Introduced in 2005 by Pam Baggett of Singing Springs Nursery, North Carolina; leaf patterning may vary depending on light levels, temperature and soil fertility. Reluctant to flower

60-75 cm x 30-45 cm
Light: sun to shade

* Upright habit with clear yellow to chartreuse leaves flecked with orange • An older cultivar, and the parent of ‘Sedona’ (Color­blaze series), ‘Freckles’ is prone to flowering so keep growth tips pinched back; cooler autumn temperatures will produce dark purple-red flecks

‘Religious Radish’
60-90 cm x 30-45 cm
Light: sun to shade

* Tall, upright habit bearing large, dark purple leaves with rich cherry-pink edges

* A Proven Winners selection introduced in 2003, the colour pattern of this vigorous cultivar is quite variable, and sports are not uncommon. Requires regular pinching to look its best

Images of 'Fishnet Stockings', 'Freckles' and 'Religious Radish' courtesy of Proven Winners.



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