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P. ‘Apricot Queen'
The multicoloured foliage of this specimen is striped with various shades of green, yellow and gold. Its leaf margins are edged in red. The apricot coloration of the foliage is most pronounced in autumn. It grows to a height of 90 to 120 centimetres and has bronze-coloured flowers.

P. ‘Evening Glow' The bright, glossy, pink-red leaves are upright when young, arching when older. It grows to a height of 90 centimetres and has bronze-coloured flowers.

P. ‘Sundowner' One of the taller cultivars, it has bronze-green leaves with copper red variegations and dark pink margins. Outer leaves tend toward green and cream. It grows to a height of 1.5 to two metres and has yellow-green flowers in summer.

P. ‘Wings of Gold' A robust, broad-bladed cultivar with olive green foliage, which is striped creamy yellow. Its leaves grow between 90 to 120 centimetres tall; it rarely flowers.

P. ‘Yellow Wave' The leaves have a bold yellow centre stripe with green edging. It grows to a height of 90 centimetres and has dull red flowers on panicles that can grow to four metres tall.

P. cookianum ssp. hookeri ‘Tricolor' The dark green foliage with creamy white edges becomes flushed pink with a burgundy edge in cooler weather. Once established, it grows up to 1.5 metres high and produces tall, yellow flower spikes in summer.

P. c. x tenax ‘Rainbow Chief' a.k.a. ‘Maori Chief' The leaves of this hybrid have centres with rose red margins, and rich tones of bronze and scarlet. It grows up to 80 centimetres high and seldom flowers.

P. tenax ‘Bronze' a.k.a. ‘Bronze Baby' This dwarf hybrid has wonderful bronze-coloured, strap-like foliage that grows to a height of 80 centimetres and has a thick leathery texture. Its flowers are red.

P. t. ‘Variegatum' This cultivar has sword-shaped foliage with creamy yellow stripes and can grow to 1.2 metres tall. Flowers are bronze-coloured.

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