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Growing snapdragons

Growing these popular beauties is a snap

Tall varieties
Axiom Series The varieties in this series are up to one metre tall with long flower spikes and are available in seven colours.
Rocket Series Available in eight colours, they grow to 90 centimetres.
Bright Butterflies mixed This stocky cultivar reaches up to 75 centimetres tall and has open-faced flowers. It's available in eight colours.
Madame Butterfly mixed Double, azalea-like flowers on plants that grow up to 75 centimetres tall. Available in eight colours.
Double Supreme series Grows between 60 and 90 centimetres tall, with fine, ruffled flowers in a range of colours.

Intermediate varieties
The following range from 45 to 50 centimetres tall.
Liberty Series Early bloomers with traditional flowers.
Sonnet Series These early-blooming cultivars have good wet-weather tolerance and come in seven colours.
‘Black Prince' This plant has dark purple leaves and deep crimson flowers.

Short and Dwarf varieties
Floral Showers, Floral Carpet, Royal Carpet, Magic Carpet series and ‘Tom Thumb' Ranging from 15 to 20 centimetres tall, these ground-huggers are suitable for bedding and containers, and are available in many colours.
Tahiti Series Growing up to 20 centimetres tall, these rust-resistant plants have flowers in four colours as well as bicoloured combinations.

Trailing varieties
Chandelier series Great for hanging baskets, they can grow 25 to 45 centimetres long. Flowers come in shades of pink, lilac and yellow.
‘Lampion' This cultivar, which grows to just 15 centimetres long, comes in six colours and is ideal for rock gardens.
Luminaire Series Trailing up to 30 centimetres, they're heat-tolerant in sun or part shade.

KEY: Axiom Series: 1, ‘Black Prince': 2, Bright Butterflies Mixed: 3, Chandelier Series: 4, Floral Carpet: 5, Floral Showers: 6, ‘Lampion': 7, Liberty Series: 8, Luminaire Series: 9, Madame Butterfly Mixed: 10, Magic Carpet: 11, Rocket Series: 12, Royal Carpet: 13, Sonnet Series: 14, Tahiti Series: 15, ‘Tom Thumb': 16. We could not locate sources for Double Supreme Series.

Dominion Seed House: 6, 12.
Halifax Seed Co. Inc.: 16.
Hole's Greenhouses & Gardens Ltd.: 6, 8, 9, 12.
Jolly Farmer Products Inc.: 12, 15.
Lindenberg Seeds Ltd.: 3, 8.
Stokes Seeds Ltd.: 3, 6, 12.
Thompson & Morgan Inc.: 1, 2, 8, 10, 13.
Veseys Seeds Ltd.: 5.
West Coast Seeds Ltd.: 12.

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