Plants - Annuals

These new, easy-care hybrids earn a spot in every plot

All dimensions are height x width

Avalanche (Petunia x hybrida Avalanche Series)
Dimensions: 20 x 70 cm   
Colours: Cherry, grape, lavender, lilac, red, rose, pink (with white eye), Tropical Red, Salmon, white
Description: Has a tight, compact habit; continues to set new buds at the centre of the plant as well as along the stems

‘Baby Duck’ petunia (P. x h. ‘Baby Duck’)
Dimensions: 30 x 95 cm
Colours: Pale yellow with golden yellow throat
Description: The first yellow self-cleaning, spreading petunia. Smallish flowers (3 to 4 cm) blanket vigorous plants

Easy Wave (P. x h. Easy Wave Series)
Dimensions: 25 x 90 cm
Colours: Blue, Coral Reef, Mystic Pink, O’ Canada Mix (red and white shades), pink, red, Rosy Dawn, Salmon, Shell Pink, white
Description: Same spreading habit as the Wave Series, but with more height and a mounded form. Continues to flower well during short days (less than 12 hours of sunlight)

‘Pink Morn’ (P. x h. ‘Pink Morn’ Opera Supreme Series)    
Dimensions: 12 x 85 cm  
Colours: Silvery pink flowers with cream centres and yellow throats
Description: Heavy crops of tricoloured blooms on extra-strong stems; All-America Selections winner (2007). Other petunias in the Opera Supreme Series include ‘Lilac Ice’ and ‘Coral’

‘Ramblin’ (P. x h. Ramblin’ Series)
Dimensions: 30 x 80 cm
Colours: Burgundy Chrome, lavender, Lilac Glo, Neon Rose, Nu Blue, pink, Peach Glo, red, Salmon Capri, Scarlet, Shades o’ Pink, violet, white
Description: Centre-flowering habit on dense plants with short internodes

Wave petunia (P. x h. Wave Series)
Dimensions: 12 cm x 1.1 m
Colours: Blue, lavender, Misty Lilac, pink, purple, rose   
Description: Purple Wave was the cultivar that began the craze for improved, modern petunias. Ideal as a groundcover, in window boxes and containers

Tidal wave petunia (P. x h. Tidal Wave Series)
Dimensions: 50 cm x 1.4 m
Colours: Cherry, Hot Pink, purple, Silver
Description: Often referred to as “hedgifloras,” Tidal Wave petunias can create an annual hedge, camouflage air conditioners or rest contentedly in large containers.

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