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Perk up your garden with pansies

Despite their sweet appearance, these blooms have a tough constitution

pansy-basket.jpgInteresting pansy cultivars
Many similar-looking pansies are offered for sale under different names, and the selection is always changing. Here are some popular cultivars and series to consider:

Viola cornuta ‘Blackjack

Small, black flowers with tiny, yellow faces

x wittrockiana Crystal Bowl Series

Small and compact with medium, clear-coloured flowers in 11 different shades

x w. ‘Jolly Joker’

Belongs to the Joker Series; purple, medium-sized flowers with orange centres

x w. Majestic Giant Series

Medium-sized blooms, all with faces, in six colours; stands up well to heat and cold

x w. Maxim Series

Small blooms in 14 colours on compact plants; ‘Padparadja’ has small, brilliant orange blooms without faces

x w. Universal Series

Masses of early-blooming, medium-sized flowers in 13 different colours; can be clear or have faces; cold- and heat-tolerant

Pansy image by Yvonne Duivenvoorden


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