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Five bulb-planting ideas from Floriade 2012

Tara Nolan
Photography by
Tara Nolan

Find some inspiration from the Dutch bulb growers who showcased their wares at this international expo

Floriade 2012, a world horticultural expo that is held once a decade in the Netherlands, took place this past year in Venlo, which is situated in the North Limburg region. Visitors came from all over the world to take in 66 hectares of gardens and pavilions. I went in the spring, when many of the plant material was still filling in or being planted. But, I was there for the beautiful bulbs. I took plenty of photos and got lots of ideas for my own garden. Here is some inspiration that might help you plant your own bulb gardens.


Plant bulbs in containers
I love the impact of these tall, vibrant tulips in a shallow-looking dish. It's likely the average gardener does not have something quite this big, but that's a good thing as you may need to overwinter your pot of bulbs in a garage so they don't freeze. You also want to make sure they're in a sturdy container that won't crack or break from frigid temperatures.


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