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Keep fall bulbs safe with daffodils

Charmian Christie
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Tara Nolan

Plant these spring charmers with the rest of your bulbs to keep hungry critters at bay

Daffodil varieties
Not sure where to begin when selecting your naricissus? Here is a primer on the daffodil divisions.

Division 1: Trumpet daffodils
The cup is as long or longer than the petals with one bloom per stem.

Division 2: Large-cupped daffodils
The cup is shorter than the length of the petals, but not less than 1/3 the length. One bloom per stem.

Division 3: Small-cupped daffodils
The cup length is less than 1/3 the length of the petals. One bloom per stem.

Division 4: Double daffodils
These look a bit like carnations as they lack the classic fluted cup. The cup, petals or both can be double.

Division 5: Triandrus daffodils
These daffodils hang from the stem like a pendant, usually in clusters of two or more blooms per stem.

Division 6: Cyclamineus daffodils
The petals are pushed back and the cup stands out straight, giving it a wind-blown look. One bloom per stem.

Division 7: Jonquilla daffodils
Often fragrant, with small blooms, flat petals and narrow stems. One to three blooms per stem.

Division 8: Tazetta daffodils
Fragrant clusters of small flowers bloom on one solid stem.  Usually three to 20 flowers per stem.

Division 9: Poeticus daffodils
Brilliant white petals and a flat, disk-like cup set this division apart. The cups are usually soft yellow with a green-tinged centre and red/orange rim. One bloom per stem.

Division 10: Bulbocodium hybrids
With a proportionally large bowl-shaped cup that dwarfs its tiny petals, these don’t look like daffodils at all.

Division 11: Split-cupped daffodils
These daffodils have a cup that is split, usually cleft at the halfway mark. The cup then peels back, forming what looks like a second layer of petals.

Division 12: Miscellaneous daffodils
An umbrella division for any non-wild daffodils that don’t fall into the first 11 divisions. Most of these daffodils are cross-divisional hybrids.

Division 13: Species, wild variants and wild hybrids
Wild, natural daffodils make up this division.

Miniature daffodils
Any division can have miniature versions. To be classified as miniature, the blossom is usually less than 1 1/2 inches in diameter.

Charmian Christie is an avid gardener and home cook. When she's not digging in the dirt, she's charting her culinary adventures on her blog, Christie's Corner.


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