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Plant minor bulbs in early fall

Planted in early fall, these ephemeral bulbs put on a dazzling show before vanishing for another year

All dimensions are height x width

Grecian windflower (Anemone blanda cvs.) 

Zone 5, 15 to 25 x 15 to 20cm
Flowers: White, blue or rose, daisy-like, single or double flowers that close at night; blooms March and April
Form & foliage: Fern-like, deeply cut leaves
Comments: Easily naturalizes from tubers or seed

‘Advance’ crocus (Crocus ‘Advance’)

Zone 3, 10 to 15 x 5 to 8cm   
Flowers: Exquisite small, fragrant, lemon yellow blooms with mauve outer petals that open fully; fiery orange stamens; blooms very early in spring, around March
Form & foliage: Thin, grassy foliage
Comments: Produces several flowers from a single bulb; a great naturalizer

Fritillary (Fritillaria michailovskyi) and checkered lily (F. meleagris)

Zone 4 and zone 3, 20 to 30 x 5 to 15cm
Flowers: Deep purple or white, bell-shaped, nodding blooms; F. meleagris has checkered petals, while those of F. michailovskyi are edged with a yellow band; up to four flowers per stem; bloom April to May
Form & foliage: Short, medium green, grassy foliage
Comments: Does not naturalize well

Snowdrop (Galanthus nivalis)

Zone 3, 15 to 20 x 10 to 15cm   
Flowers: Single, nodding, white flowers; waxy petals have a “petticoat” with a green chevron edge; one of the first minor bulbs to bloom (February to March)
Form & foliage: Narrow, grassy basal leaves
Comments: One of the best naturalizers

Danford iris (Iris danfordiae)

Zone 5, 5 to 15 x 5cm
Flowers: Primrose yellow flowers with greenish-yellow-spotted lower petals; blooms March or April
Form & foliage: Narrow, grassy, needle-like foliage
Comments: Plant more bulbs every few years to keep clumps from dwindling, as bulblets mature slowly

Striped squill (Puschkinia scilloides var. libanotica)

Zone 4, 10 to 15 x 10 to 15cm   
Flowers: Clusters of three to six starlike, fragrant, white or pale blue flowers with blue-striped blooms in March and April
Form & foliage: Strap-shaped, dark green leaves
Comments: Naturalizes readily

Dasystemon tulip (Tulipa tarda)

Zone 3, 10 x 30cm   
Flowers: Deep yellow, lightly scented, star-shaped blooms with pale yellow tips that open fully; clusters of three to six upward-facing blooms per stem; flowers in mid- to late April
Form & foliage: Low-growing, with narrow, glossy, V-shaped, green foliage
Comments: Naturalizes readily

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