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Spring bulbs for small gardens

Use Dutch gardens as inspiration when it comes to using every available inch

Contain yourself
The Dutch excel in the art of container gardening. They fill all manner of pots, planters and window boxes to the brim, and place them in every available window, nook and cranny. We Canucks could be a little more adventurous in both choosing our containers (there are so many possibilities) and in deciding what to put in them.

Celebrate spring
In a sense, the Dutch are the caretakers of spring; it is to them that we owe the perennial popularity of the tulip, spring's most enduring symbol. First cultivated by the Turks, tulips were introduced to Europeans in the mid-1500s. Citizens of the Netherlands took to them in such a big way that by the 1630s, a craze we now call Tulipmania reached its peak, and bulbs became worth more than their weight in gold. Though countless people were financially ruined by the time the bottom dropped out of the market and prices plummeted in 1637, the Dutch have never lost their love of tulips. They continue to be the world leaders in tulip cultivation, as well as in the cultivation of hyacinths, daffodils, narcissi, crocuses, gladioli and alliums. In fact, the Netherlands supply most of the bulbs planted in Europe and North America. We Canadians tend to be a little stingy with our bulb planting; in fall, think spring and plant more of everything than you think you need.

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