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Trumpeting mini daffodils

Cheerful drifts of daffodils are a classic herald of spring, and mini-daffodils are the diminutive version of their taller cousins. Often sweetly scented, they grow no taller than 25 centimetres. Squirrel-proof, perennial and simple to naturalize, these little beauties make delightful additions to rockeries or wherever you want to establish smaller-scale spring plantings. They look great along walkways, by the front door or in the front of beds of taller spring bulbs—anywhere you can get close enough to appreciate their delicate beauty and sweet scent.

A one-time planting of these fuss-free members of the narcissus family can reap years of rewards. For maximum impact, plant your mini-daffodils in clusters of 20 or more bulbs and, in the spring, William Wordsworth's vision of daffodils "fluttering and dancing in the breeze" will come true in your garden.

Eight reliable favourites
These cultivars are widely available and suitable for planting across Canada:

Early flowering:
Narcissus 'Jack Snipe': 20 cm high, creamy white with a vivid yellow cup, dramatically swept-back petals.

N. 'Tete-a-Tete': 20 cm high, brilliant yellow petals and cup, two to three flowers per stem.

Mid-season flowering:
N. 'Minnow': 15 cm high, pale yellow petals with a vivid yellow cup, two or more fragrant flowers per stem.

N. 'Rip Van Winkle': 15 cm high, unusual, double flowering, spiky bright yellow petals.

Late flowering:
N. 'Baby Moon': 20 cm high, canary yellow petals and cup, sweetly scented.

N. 'Bridal Crown': 25 cm high, double flowering, creamy white petals, the inner ones stained a vivid yellow, three to five fragrant flowers per stem.

N. 'Hawera': 20 cm high, pale canary yellow petals and cup, six to eight fragrant nodding flowers per stem.

N. 'Canaliculatus': 15 cm high, white petals with a golden yellow cup, several flowers per stem.

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