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Usher in spring with a fresh bouquet of daffodils

Add a touch of sunshine to your home with these cheery blooms that herald spring

Betty Jean's top five daffodils

daffodils-chap2inset.jpgEaster Bonnet
“This was one of the first daffodils ever to have a pink trumpet—it’s so sweet and feminine.”

Johann Strauss
“This one stands out even in our yard! It has pretty white flowers with
a deep, golden trumpet.”

“These are just incredible when you put them in water, because they continue to bloom—up to the size of a saucer!”

“This one has a delicate peach clustered cup with dainty curled petals.
It looks nothing like the typical King Albert.”

“I love the tropical look of these, like bright yellow starbursts with red-fringed petals in the centre.”


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