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How-to video: Create your own terrarium

Watch as Elene Nouri of Sheridan Nurseries demonstrates how to plant a garden under glass.

How-to video transcript: Create your own terrarium

A terrarium is a great low-maintenance, fuss-free way to display plants in your home. All you need is a nice glass container with a lid, charcoal, small gravel or pebbles and potting soil. Then, choose a few low-growing plants with different textures and a variety of shapes, and you're ready to dig in!

The first step is to line the bottom of the terrarium with a mixture of your charcoal and gravel. You want about one third charcoal and two thirds gravel. The purpose of the charcoal is to sweeten the soil so it doesn't become acidic and burn the roots of the plants. The gravel serves as drainage.

Next, cover your charcoal and gravel mixture with about two inches of soil. You don't want a soil that is too heavy or else it won't dry out as quickly when watered.

Start by placing the tallest plants at the back of the terrarium and work your way forward. Gently, take the plant out of its container and remove any excess soil if there is too much. Dig a little hole and place the plant inside. Then gently gather the soil around the roots and pat it down making sure to keep the plant level with the rest of the soil, and the roots covered. Repeat this process for each plant.

If you need to add a little soil, simply take some from the bag and pat it gently around the roots. As a finishing touch, use some of the gravel you used for the drainage to add colour and texture. Gently press the gravel down so it is even all the way around.

Next, add a little moss between the plants. Besides its decorative function, it also helps generate the humidity that will help your plants to thrive. Check on your plants about once a week. If they are dry, use a spray bottle to add a light mist. You'll know you don't need to water if there is condensation on the inside of the terrarium.

Now you can display your mini garden somewhere in your home. Terrariums don't require a lot of light, so you will be able to put it almost anywhere you like!


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