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Six creative container ideas for your amaryllis

Search around the house for an interesting vessel that will house your holiday bulbs.

It's that time of year when holiday plants, from poinsettias to paperwhites line store shelves. The amaryllis is probably the most refined bloom of the bunch, with its long, slender neck and big, yet graceful flowers. It's possible to purchase an amaryllis that is ready to bloom. But if you want to force the bulb yourself—or you've saved your bulb from last year—sometimes it's hard to find the right container. Here are a few ideas from Dig Drop Done, an organization that promotes bulb gardening throughout North America.


The soup can container

Group three or five amaryllis bulbs in tin cans with interesting labels. Here, a few pebbles—or are they legumes?—have been used to fill in the top of the can.

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