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Video: Rejuvenating houseplants

Senior horticulture editor, Stephen Westcott-Gratton shows you how to tame an unruly indoor plant and create a new one.

Video: Rejuvenating Houseplants

Hi, I'm Stephen Westcott-Gratton for and today we're going to talk about rejuvenating houseplants.

This Dracaena is in fine shape and it doesn't actually need repotting, but it's growing too tall for its space in the house. The easiest way to get around this is to make a cut wherever you would like your plant to re-sprout. This trunk has dormant buds all along the bottom and these will burst into action as soon as it's cut.

With this cutting, rather than throwing it out, we're going to trim it so that we're left with a much smaller piece and then remove as many bottom leaves as seems reasonable - about half of them. This is so the plant won't waste a lot of water through its leaves while it's trying to make roots.

We filled this pot with potting soil and seed starting mixture, which is sterile. It's important to use a sterile, soilless mix which is made up mostly of peat moss, sphagnum, and vermiculite. Then plunge the cutting end into almost the bottom of the pot and water it in well.

You'll want to keep it evenly moist for about eight to twelve weeks. And the easy way to find out if it's ready to root and move somewhere else is to give it a gentle tug. Once the roots are in place you should feel some resistance.

Another thing you can do to help reduce transpiration stress, is to give it a mist a couple of times a day, that will help keep the leaves nice and cool.

So from old plants, to new again!
I'm Stephen Westcott-Gratton, join us again next time at

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