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Late-summer wildflower blooms

Autumn winds stir, cooler temperatures tease, but we walk blissfully among late summer's ephemeral blooms

White-fringed orchid
The white-fringed orchid (Platanthera blephariglottis) produces beautiful clusters of densely assembled, pure white blossoms, with a fringed lip petal. From July to September, its flowers are easily seen atop a 30- to 60-centimetre stem in wet meadows, bogs and fens from Ontario (where it is considered rare) to Newfoundland. Zone 4.

Spotted jewelweed
Luxuriant stands of spotted jewelweed or touch-me-nots (Impatiens capensis) begin flowering in mid-July and continue to blossom until the translucent stems are destroyed by frost. The dangling flowers-orange with reddish brown splotches-are perfectly suited to pollination by hummingbirds, as the nectar is located deep within the spurs of the blossoms. The less common pale jewelweed (I. pallida) has yellow flowers and is found from Ontario to Nova Scotia. Spotted jewelweed grows throughout Canada in wet meadows and moist woodlands. Zone 3.


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