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20 hot hosta cultivars

These hardy, shade-tolerant perennials are a versatile addition to any garden

20 hot hosta cultivars

Golds and yellows
According to Margot Dargatz, golden hostas should be subdivided into two categories, “since, generally, the ones that are the brightest gold in the spring will turn green during the summer, whereas the main-season gold hostas are still chartreuse-green in the spring.” Not all references clearly state this difference.

Early spring
‘English Sunrise’ (Zilis 2003)
Small, slow-growing sport of ‘June’; pale lavender blooms in July

‘Great Lakes Gold’ (Ward 2000)
Large, with rippled leaf margins; pale lavender blooms in June

‘Rosedale Golden Goose’ (Hadrava 1999)
Large, vigorous, thick; lavender flowers in July (J) 

‘Mississippi Delta’ (Petryszyn 1998)
“Picked for its large size, distinct form (blue-grey, corrugated, nearly round leaves that lie flat) and thickness.” White blooms in July

‘Queen of the Seas’ (Seaver 2001)
Medium; blue-green leaves with heavy piecrust edges; lavender blooms in June (M)

‘Silver Bay’ (Dean 1999)
Small, slow-growing, silver-blue leaves; light lavender blooms in July/August

Variegated types

Says Margot: “I decided to go for the ones with a unique identifying feature. For instance, there are many green hostas with golden edges, but I would like to be able to identify them in a stranger’s garden without needing to read the label.”

‘Hanky Panky’ (Hansen 2004)
Small, fast-growing; sport of ‘Striptease’; dark green leaves with gold-coloured borders and narrow, white threads in between; violet blooms in July

(Machen 2000)
Small; slow-growing, (possibly a tetraploid of ‘Sagae’); thick, dark green leaves edged in golden yellow, which changes to cream in summer; lavender blooms in June/July

‘Rainforest Sunrise’
Small; sport of ‘Maui Buttercups’; golden-leafed with very dark green borders; pale lavender blooms in July 

‘Risky Business’
(Hansen/Avent 2002)
Medium; sport of ‘Striptease’; pure white leaf with wide, deep green borders; violet blooms in July/August

‘Spring Fling’ (Herold 2000)
Small but fast-growing; green leaves with wide, heavily scalloped, creamy white borders; lavender blooms in June

Photo: 'X-Ray,' courtesy of Margot Dargatz of Hosta Choice Gardens


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