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20 hot hosta cultivars

These hardy, shade-tolerant perennials are a versatile addition to any garden


'Blue Mouse Ears' (Deckert 2000)
Mutation of ‘Blue Cadet’; small, round, slightly cupped blue-grey leaves, edged with wire-thin lines of white; short spikes of lavender flowers in July/August

'Lemon Frost' (Zilis 2002)
Bright gold leaves with pure white margins; sport of ‘Limey Lisa’; purple blooms in July/August

'Teeny Weenie Bikini'
(Elslager 2000)
Yellow leaves turn cream-coloured, edged with dark green; dark lavender blooms in August

'X-Ray' (Simmering 2000)
Subtly variegated green-and-white foliage in spring, turning light green in summer; heavily rippled leaf margins; bright purple blooms in August

'Jewel of the Nile' (Walek 2000)
Medium; sport of ‘Dee’s Golden Jewel’; dark green leaves with wide gold 
    borders (no two leaves are alike); white blooms June to August

'Stained Glass' (Hansen 1999)
2006 Hosta of the Year, chosen by the American Hosta Grower's Association. Medium; sport of 'Guacamole'; shiny, golden foliage with dark green margins; fragrant, pale lavender flowers in August.
 Incredible sun tolerance and vigour 

‘Orange Marmalade’ (Solberg 2002)
Medium; sport of ‘Paul’s Glory’; foliage has jagged, dark green edges and bright golden orange centres in spring, maturing to yellow, then white by summer’s end;
 pale lavender blooms July to August

'Super Nova' (Zilis 1999)
Medium; thick-textured, gold-coloured leaves with wide, blue margins; 
    white blooms in August (colours are the reverse of ‘Frances Williams’)

'Touch Of Class' (Hansen 1999)
Small tetraploid; thick leaves of chartreuse-gold, surrounded by wide, blue-green borders; light lavender blooms July to August

Photo: 'Orange Marmalade,' courtesy of Margot Dargatz of Hosta Choice Gardens


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