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All-America Selections winners for 2010

What does it take to be a winner? These four plants had the right stuff

What is AAS?

All-America Selections is a non-profit organization that tests seed-grown flowers and vegetables from around the world and evaluates their performance. Trial gardens are located throughout North America.

AAS has four categories (vegetable, flower, bedding plant and cool season bedding plant) that each have specific criteria that the seeds must meet. From flavour to hardiness, fragrance to uniqueness, an AAS Winner excels across the board.

Look for the AAS logo on all your seed packets and bedding plants.

Meet the winners:


'Endurio Sky Blue Martien' Viola, cool season award winner

Genus species: Viola cornuta
Common name: Viola
Unique qualities: Spreading, mounding habit fills planters and garden beds quickly for maximum pot and landscape colour impact. Plants flower throught winter in mid-climates and re-bloom for second season when autumn planted in northern, temperate regions.
Flower size: 0.75 inch
Flower form: Single
Flower colour: Sky blue
Plant height: 6 inches
Width: 10-12 inches
Garden spacing: 10-12 inches
Length of time from sowing seed to flower: 9 weeks

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