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Eye-catching agapanthus

Michael K. Lascelle

The alluring umbels of this exotic-looking plant win gardeners' hearts

What to grow

  • 'Blue Triumphator'
    90 cm, clear blue blooms and strong stems, deciduous, Zone 7
  • 'Bressingham White'
    90 cm, white umbels, deciduous, Zone 7
  • Headbourne hybrids
    90 cm, hardy, medium cobalt, sky-blue or white blooms, deciduous, Zone 6
  • 'Intermedius'
    1 to 1.2 m, deep violet-blue flowers with dark purple stems, deciduous, Zone 8
  • 'Isis'
    60 cm (an A. campanulatus cultivar), deep blue flowers, deciduous, Zone 7
  • 'Lilliput'
    30 to 45 cm, hardy, dark blue flowers, deciduous, Zone 6 (with winter protection)
  • 'Peter Pan'
    45 cm (dwarf form of A. africanus), pale blue blooms, evergreen, Zone 7
  • 'Polar Ice'
    80 cm, pure white, deciduous, Zone 8'
  • Storm Cloud'
    90 cm, bluish purple umbels, evergreen, Zone 7 (with winter protection)
  • 'Streamline'
    45 to 60 cm, pale blue flowers with darker stripes, evergreen, Zone 7
  • 'Tinkerbell'
    50 cm (sport of 'Peter Pan'), blue blooms, cream-coloured band on leaves, semi-evergreen, Zone 8

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