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Grow it: 'Crimson Fans' red-leafed mukdenia

'Crimson Fans' red-leafed mukdenia
(Mukdenia rossii syn. Aceriphyllum rossii 'Crimson Fans' syn. 'Karasuba')

Up to 45 cm tall and wide.
Cultivation This clump-forming, slowly spreading plant prefers part shade and rich, moist soil; it’s slightly drought-tolerant once established.
Zone 4  

'Crimson Fans' red-leafed mukdenia has distinctive, glossy, palmate leaves that emerge bronzy green, turn deep green tipped with crimson, then intensify to a bright burgundy with a hint of orange in the fall. Small, white, heuchera-like flowers bloom in early spring before the foliage appears. This unique woodland groundcover brings an exotic Asian look to the garden or a large container.

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Photo courtesy of Terra Nova Nurseries

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