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Geranium maculatum ‘Espresso' has chocolate brown, palmate-lobed leaves and light lavender spring blooms. This hardy geranium forms clumps 40 centimetres tall and wide. Tolerates dry soil; sun or part shade, Zone 5.

Campanula punctata ‘Bowl of Cherries' has bell-shaped, dark, reddish purple summer blooms so luscious they look edible. Plants reach 30 centi-metres tall and 35 centimetres wide. The prolific, fragrant flowers of these bellflowers attract hummingbirds. Dead-head to encourage re-blooming and contain it to discourage possible rambunctiousness. Moist, well-drained soil, full sun or part shade, Zone 5.

Tiarella ‘Black Snowflake' has elegant, cut-leaf, nearly black, semi-evergreen foliage. In spring, pink buds open to spikes of fragrant, white blooms on this 20-centimetre- tall by 25-centimetre-wide plant. Moist, rich soil, full to part shade, Zone 4.

A miniature version of maiden grass, Miscanthus sinensis ‘Little Kitten' is a narrow, silver-green, non-invasive grass that grows 45 centimetres tall, with 75-centimetre, cream-coloured plumes and beige seedheads in fall. Cut to the ground in early spring. Tolerates heat, drought and cold. Moist, fertile, well-drained soil, full sun to part shade, Zone 5.

Sweetly scented, salmon-carmine blooms with darker magenta eyes and buttery cream leaf edges distinguish mildew-resistant Phlox paniculata ‘Becky Towe', which blooms from July through September and grows 70 centimetres tall and up to 45 centimetres wide. Emerging spring growth has bronze-coloured accents. Moist, fertile soil, full sun or part shade, Zone 3.

Gomphostigma virgatum ‘White Candy' grows to 80 centimetres tall by one metre wide, with small, cream-coloured, fragrant blooms from summer to fall. This South African native shrub's common names include river star, otterbush and besembossie. Prune its silvery-grey-leafed, upright branches in spring as you would Buddleja spp. Wet to well-drained soil, full sun, Zone 6.

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