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Inspiring fall plant combos

With a bit of planning and serendipity, you can enjoy perennial harmony and synchronized blooms

Much of the consideration of my own garden is spurred on by the thought-provoking Christopher Lloyd (In My Garden, 1993), who advised: "To feel that you have at last achieved (even if by accident) some telling effect is a great fillip, but to go on feeling that you can just coast along with that same achievement year after year is a sure sign of mental sclerosis."

Well, doesn't that just put an edge on the day! So I must consider some new combinations. I'd like to pair my favourite ornamental grass-the subtly variegated 'Morning Light' maiden grass, which makes a stout clump of delicate arching blades and coppery pink plumes-with two brilliant Michaelmas daisies: deep red 'Royal Ruby' and rich violet-blue 'Blue Lagoon'. I'll give them a backdrop of spreading cotoneaster, its wayward, scarlet-berry-laden branches cloaked in autumn with small leaves in blended colours of yellow, red and purple. I expect the late Mr. Lloyd would have had something to say about that!

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