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Inspiring fall plant combos

With a bit of planning and serendipity, you can enjoy perennial harmony and synchronized blooms

Renovation Season
The gardening calendar starts in autumn, with an opportunity to assess performance, correct mistakes and move plants toward new and better relationships.

Begin by making some hard decisions; remove plants with chronic insect or disease problems-you'll be better off without them.

When moving plants, consider the clump size of each partner. Oversized ones can be reduced (and more plants garnered) by dividing them to prevent an unbalanced grouping.

Improve the soil in every new planting hole by adding compost or manure, peat moss and sand, and lightly dig some in around plants already in place. Surround each grouping with a 10-centimetre-thick mulch of leaves.

It's a long winter ahead, so keep notes on your changes to help you remember next spring. Set plastic markers into groups, reserving the space for a plant to be added next season, and keep a "to buy" list for the following year.

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