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Late-season Japanese anemones

Bring colour to your garden with these easy-to-grow blooms

Various anemone cultivars
Note: Unless otherwise indicated, all cultivars listed below are hardy to Zone 6. Those with an asterisk have received the Award of Garden Merit from Britain's Royal Horticultural Society.

*Anemone hupehensis ‘Hadspen Abundance'60 to 90 cmSingle, deep pink blooms; may require some staking; introduced by Eric Smith (The Plantsmen Nursery), early 1970s
*A. h. var. japonica ‘Bodnant Burgundy'90 to 120 cmDeep burgundy blossoms; from the famous garden in North Wales
A. h. var. j. ‘Bressingham Glow'60 to 65 cmSemi-double, deep pink blooms; often confused with ‘Prinz Heinrich'; compact selection from Alan Bloom
*A. h. var. j. ‘Prinz Heinrich' (a.k.a. ‘Prince Henry')60 to 80 cmSemi-double, medium purple blossoms on vigorous plants with attractive, deeply lobed leaves; introduced by Pfitzer (Germany) in 1902 and still going strong
A. x hybrida ‘Alice'60 to 70 cmSemi-double, light pink blossoms, excellent cut flower; compact form; considered by many to be an improvement on ‘Königin Charlotte'
A. x h. ‘Andrea Atkinson'75 to 90 cmVigorous plant, may need staking; similar to ‘Honorine Jobert' but with larger, pure white flowers
*A. x h. ‘Honorine Jobert'90 to 110 cmLarge, single, white blossoms flushed with pale pink; the grande dame of Japanese anemones, it was discovered in 1858 in a garden in Verdun, France
*A. x h. ‘Konigin Charlotte' (a.k.a. ‘Queen Charlotte')60 to 90 cmConsidered to be the standard by which all other Japanese anemones are judged, it produces bright pink, semi-double blooms; introduced by Pfitzer (Germany), 1898
A. x h. ‘Lady Gilmour' (syn. ‘Crispa')70 to 90 cmGloriously untidy single, two-toned, deep pink flowers held above ruffled, parsley-like foliage. First described in 1895 and thought to be extinct, it was recently rediscovered in a Devon, England, garden
A. x h. ‘Party Dress'80 to 90 cmRecent introduction and something of a breakthrough with exceptionally large (up to 9 cm), double, pink flowers; may need some staking; resents highly alkaline soils but is undeniably festive
A. x h. ‘Rosenschale' (a.k.a. ‘Rose Bowl')90 to 120 cmLarge, single, rose-pink flowers held aloft on tall stems; newer introduction from Haagemann (Holland), 1978
*A. x h. ‘September Charm'60 to 90 cmSingle, silvery pink blooms with dark pink undersides; may require some staking; superb cut flower; introduced by Bristol Nurseries (U.S.A.), 1932
A. x h. ‘Whirlwind' 80 to 110 cmA decidedly blowsy selection, sports large, semi-double, snow-white blossoms that tend to look dishevelled-but in a good way; introduced in 1887 by James Vick of Rochester, New York
A. tomentosa ‘Robustissima'90 to 120 cmSingle, soft pink flowers that bloom over a long period; hardy to Zone 4; can be invasive in Zone 6 and warmer

(Anemone pictured above: 'Robustissima')

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