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Paint your garden with colourful, fall-blooming perennials


From chrysanthemums to colchicums, maintain a vibrant garden that will last until winter

colour-green-planter.jpgAutumn planter in shades of green
Here's a fresh twist on traditional fall plant combos. This stylish arrangement, in shades of green, creamy white and silver, incorporates many of fall's best-loved plants for containers but in atypical colours that are a cool change from the more common orange, russet and gold.

Another touch that lifts this display out of the ordinary is the use of subtle colour echoes—note the cream-coloured edges of the ‘Ice Dance' carex and the variegated English ivy, whose hue is picked up by the centres of the ornamental cabbage and chrysanthemum blooms—all set off by the unexpected counterpoint of the velvety, pewter-coloured leaves of ‘Cirrus' dusty miller. Discover what you need to recreate this at home.

colour-container-with-punch.jpgPlant a fall container with punch
Few plants speak better to the conventions of the classic fall arrangement than pumpkins, chrysanthemums and kale. And shades of burgundy, orange, brown and rust further attest to the lateness of the season. Yet this is not your typical outdoor display, for it boasts unusual varieties of these stalwarts, along with less commonly used plants.

Yes, there are pumpkins. But placing one—particularly the unusual French pumpkin—directly into the arrangement adds an immediate dramatic touch. Unique, too, is the use of an upright kale, strategically placed behind brilliantly coloured branches of ‘Flame’ willow. Wanna make it? Find out how.

colour-eerie-autumn.jpgStyle an eerie autumn window box
Inspired by these black artificial branches, Paul Zammit ended up creating this eerie yet elegant autumn window box. The effect of the branches rising through the other plant material enhances the sense of eeriness. Repetition was key to the design as well, and achieved by choosing only a few different types of plants with dramatic foliage in a limited colour palette. The ability of these specimens to withstand some degree of fall frost also figured prominently in the selection process.

Add your own personal touch by selecting from the vast range of miniature pumpkins, assorted gourds and small garden ornaments currently available. These can also be varied to reflect seasonal festivities. Find out what you need to make this colourful autumn display.

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