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Rosy-hued autumn asters

Dependable, hard working and oh-so-showy, pink asters add a welcome blast of colour to the fall garden

All dimensions are height x width

‘Coombe Fishacre’ aster (Aster ‘Coombe Fishacre’)

Zone 4, 75 to 90 cm x 60 cm
Description: Mauve pink blooms with pale centres turn rosy with age; blooms from August to September; horizontal branching      Comments: Looks dapper all season long; needs no staking; disease resistant

Alma Potschke New England aster (A. novae-angliae ‘Andenken an Alma Pötschke’)

Zone 3, 90 cm to 1.25 m x 90 cm to 1.25 m
Description: Mounds of large, cerise pink blooms with bright yellow centres; blooms from July through frost (flowers often last 12 weeks or longer)
Comments: Easy to grow, vigorous and trouble-free

‘Harrington’s Pink’ New England aster (A. n.-a. ‘Harrington’s Pink’)

Zone 4, 1 to 1.5 m x 1 to 1.5 m
Description: Bright, clear, rosy pink blooms with delicate, narrow petals; blooms early fall
Comments: May need staking or pinching, or site at the back of the border; mildew and deer resistant 

‘Jenny’ New York aster (A. novi-belgii ‘Jenny’)

Zone 3, 40 x 45 cm
Description: A profusion of double, bright, magenta red flowers with yellow centres; blooms late summer through fall
Comments: Dwarf, front-of-border plant

‘Patricia Ballard’ New York aster (A. n.-b. ‘Patricia Ballard’)

Zone 3, 90 x 60 cm
Description: Large, bright, lavender pink blooms with yellow centres; blooms from early September until frost
Comments: Plant in the middle of the border or pinch back to keep short; tough and reliable

‘Thyra Viking’ aster (A. ‘Thyra Viking’)

Zone 4, 30 to 60 cm x 30 to 60 cm
Description: Numerous narrow, deep pink petals with yellow centres; blooms from late August until frost
Comments: Pinch back by July for a more compact plant

‘Wood’s Pink’ aster (A. ‘Wood’s Pink’)

Zone 4, 30 to 45 cm x 60 cm
Description: Long-blooming, floriferous pale pink flowers; blooms from late August into fall
Comments: Good front-of-border plant; disease resistant

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