Plants - Perennials

The top 10 Atlantic plants

Charmian Christie
Photography by
Jodi DeLong

Enjoy these gorgeous, hardy perennials whether you live on the East Coast or the West (zone 4 or higher)


For more experienced gardeners

Viburnums (both native and introduced)
Call them snowball bush, highbush cranberry or witherod. Just be fussy on the hardiness. DeLong grows both native and introduced species in her gardens for the pollinators and birds as well as for herself. She loves ‘Onondaga’, with its reddish foliage and flower buds; ‘Chicago Lustre’, a variation of the native arrowwood viburnum, and ‘Mariesii’, the doublefile viburnum tree that covers itself in white blooms in early summer.

Pictured here: Viburnum 'Summer Snowflake'


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