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Six experts pick their favourite roses

Claire Laberge - Horticulturist at the Montreal Botanical Garden, Quebec

Whisper (Rosa ‘DICwisp') (AARS 2003) A fragrant, disease-resistant hybrid tea with luminous, creamy white blooms. Good cut flower. Needs some winter protection in Zone 6 (but can survive to Zone 3 with good winter protection)

Eureka (R. ‘KORsurflabe') (AARS 2003) A vigorous, well-shaped floribunda with large, amber yellow flowers with apricot reverse. Good choice for planting en masse; little fragrance. Zone 6 (to Zone 3 with winter protection)

Betty Boop (R. ‘WEKplapic', a.k.a. ‘WEKplapil', ‘Centenary of Federation') (AARS 1999) Another vigorous, well-shaped floribunda with eye-catching ivory-yellow blooms edged with strawberry red; burgundy stamens; fruity fragrance. Great for planting en masse. Zone 7 (to Zone 3 with winter protection)

Artistry (R. ‘JACirst') (AARS 1997)
A compact, bushy hybrid tea with cupped, luminous, orange-coral flowers and bluish green foliage; little fragrance. Zone 7 (to Zone 3 with winter protection)

Carefree Delight (R. ‘MEIpotal', a.k.a. ‘Bingo', ‘Bingo Meidiland', ‘Bingo Meillandecor', ‘Potalia') (AARS 1996, ADR 1994, The Hague GM 1993, Bagatelle Paris GM 1992) A compact groundcover rose with single, pink flowers, each with a white eye. Floriferous and disease-resistant, an excellent choice for an urban garden; little fragrance. Zone 4

Larry Sherk - Rosarian and retired chief horticulturist for Sheridan Nurseries, Ontario

Blue River (R. ‘KORsicht') (Baden-Baden GM 1984) A must-have mauve hybrid tea if you want fragrance. Zone 6 (to Zone 4 with winter protection)

‘John Cabot' (Portland GM 2004) A medium red hybrid kordesii shrub (see also Wendy Downing's list, page 78). Very hardy; may be grown as a climber; little fragrance. Zone 3

Yves Piaget (R. ‘MEIvildo', a.k.a. ‘Queen Adelaide') (Bagatelle FA 1992, Geneva GM and FA 1982, LeRoeuix GM and FA 1982) A fragrant, deep pink hybrid tea. Zone 6 (to Zone 4 with winter protection)

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