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Award-winning roses

Six experts pick their favourite roses

Robert Osborne - Rosarian, horticultural lecturer, garden writer and owner of Corn Hill Nursery, Petitcodiac, New Brunswick. Included are a few non-award-winners that Osborne feels are winners for the Canadian garden

‘Blanc Double de Coubert' (RHS Award of Garden Merit 1993) An old rugosa hybrid with pure white blooms and fantastic fragrance; great health and hardiness. Zone 3

Snow Pavement (R. ‘Schneekoppe') A relatively new rugosa hybrid with the palest lavender blooms. Disease-resistant, dense growth habit; very fragrant. Zone 3

Polar Ice (R. ‘Stronin') A floriferous new European rugosa with exquisite blooms of white infused with pale pink. Dense growth habit. Zone 3

Hansaland (R. ‘KORhassi', a.k.a. ‘Charles Nottcutt') (RNRS Certificate of Merit, 1996) A hardy, recent European rugosa hybrid. “I think this is the very best hardy red in shrub roses.” Little fragrance. Zone 3

Brad Jalbert - Rose breeder, owner of Select Roses, Langley, British Columbia. Jalbert's picks are for average gardens in the coastal B.C. area

Fellowship (R. ‘HARwelcome', a.k.a. Livin' Easy) (AARS 1996, RNRS GM 1990) Best overall garden rose; reliable orange blend blooms, outstanding floribunda; little fragrance. Zone 4

Sunset Celebration (R. ‘FRYxotic', a.k.a. Warm Wishes, Chantili, Exotic) (AARS 1998, Golden Rose of The Hague 1997, Belfast GM 1993) Tall, upright, healthy hybrid tea; long stems with blooms in pretty shades of apricot and pink. Prone to winter dieback; hill up or plant deeply; fragrant. Zone 4

Elina (R. ‘DICjana', a.k.a. Peaudouce) (James Mason RNRS 1994, ADR 1987, NZ GM 1987) This large, robust, pale yellow hybrid tea gets top marks for coastal gardens; little fragrance. Zone 4

Westerland (R. ‘KORlawe', a.k.a. ‘KORwest') (ADR 1974) An easy-to-grow shrub/climber with large, early, apricot-hued blooms; good fragrance and healthy foliage; two colour sports-'autumn sunset' and Lemon Meringue (R. ‘WEKradler')-are also available. Zone 4

Frederic Mistral (R. ‘MEItebros') (Belfast FA 1994, LeRoeuix FA 1994, Monza FA 1994, Baden-Baden FA 1993) Hybrid tea with large, full, old-fashioned blooms of soft dusty pink; heady scent. A healthy garden rose great for cutting. Zone 4

Rosemary Harkness (R. ‘HARrowbond') (Glasgow FA 1991, Belfast GM & FA 1987) Jalbert's bestseller. A hybrid tea popular for its fragrance, orange-pink colour and fast bloom cycle. Grows large and wide in British Columbia; produces armloads of flowers with each flush. Zone 4

Blueberry Hill (R. ‘WEKcryplag') (Portland GM 2002) A unique floribunda with mauve-pink, single blooms; dark green foliage, fragrant. Zone 4

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