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Eight colourful rose recommendations

Quebec-based garden Rose des Champs provides a few showstoppers to add to your list


Cinco de Mayo floribunda rose (R. ‘WEKcobeju’)
Zone 5
Winner of the 2009 All-America Rose Selections, and the progeny of their 2006 champ Julia Child (‘WEKvossutono’) and Topsy Turvy (‘WEKcocbeb’); bred by Tom Carruth for Weeks Roses (U.S.). Its fragrance has been likened to freshly cut apples while its 20- to 25-petalled flowers are a unique blend of smoky lavender and rusty red-orange.

Céline Dion shrub rose (R. ‘WILbakd’)
Zone 5
A cross between Fifth Avenue (syn. Sutton Place) and Tropicana (‘TANorstar’), Céline Dion was hybridized by J.B. Williams in Maryland, and introduced in 2000 by J.C. Bakker & Sons in St. Catharine’s, Ontario (it was only available in Quebec the first year). Bearing between four and 11 fragrant, fiery red-orange petals, it is disease and pest resistant.


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