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Eight colourful rose recommendations

Quebec-based garden Rose des Champs provides a few showstoppers to add to your list


Scentimental floribunda rose (R. ‘WEKplapep’)
Zone 4
I’ve grown lots of striped roses in my time, but this is a particularly free-flowering variety with a fine perfume. The progeny of similarly striped Peppermint Twist (‘JACraw’) and—surprisingly—the bright orange ‘Playboy’. Bred by Tom Carruth and introduced in 1996, it packs a powerful visual wallop and won an AARS award the following year.

Turbo hybrid rugosa rose (R. ‘MEIrozrug’)
Zone 4
Introduced by Meilland in 1994, ‘Turbo’ is an eclectic fusion of rugosa cultivars (‘Fru Dagmar Hastrup’ and ‘Pink Grootendorst’) with a large-flowered hybrid tea (Manou Meilland [‘MEItulimon’]), resulting in a large, vigorous shrub and flowers with 20-plus fuchsia-pink petals and a light fragrance.

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