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Eight edible rose favourites

Quebec-based garden Rose des Champs recommend the best blooms from their collection for eating


Old Velvet Gallica rose (R. ‘Tuscany’)
Zone 4

‘Tuscany’ produces semi-double, maroon-purple flowers with prominent and contrasting yellow stamens. Thought to be the rose described by John Gerard in his ‘Herball’ (1596), it is probably of Italian origin although its parentage is unknown. Considered one of the best “garden plants” from among the old Gallicas. RHS AGM 1993

'Madame Knorr' Portland rose (R. ‘Madame Knorr’ syn. ‘Comte de Chambord’)—not shown
Zone 5

Introduced by Verdier in France (1855), ‘Madame Knorr’ produces rather loose, medium-sized semi-double flowers with an exceptionally sweet fragrance. Tolerant of poor soils, the petals are light rose with white undersides and dark centres; some repeat flowering after the main summer flush. RHS AGM 1993


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