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Growing white roses

Judith Adam
Photography by
Tracy Cox

Light up your garden with delicately tinted, go-with-anything white roses


Planting roses

  • Excavate a hole approximately 45 centimetres square.
  • Take half the soil from the hole and amend it generously with peat moss, garden compost, composted manure, shredded leaves and coarse sand (whatever you have on hand).
  • Find the swollen bud union, or crown, of the shrub where canes initiate, and set it eight centimetres below the soil surface to protect the plant from frost damage.
  • Backfill the hole with the amended soil mix and water in the plant; do not use transplant solution or fertilizer at this time. (See Care and feeding. Next, put an eight-centimetre-thick layer of organic mulch (shredded bark or leaves) over the soil and around the canes.

Planting miniatures
While full-size roses perform better in the ground, miniatures are tough enough to withstand container conditions. Be sure the pot has drainage holes, then plant miniature roses in a premium soil mix that drains well; feed them every three weeks with liquid fertilizer (full strength, following package directions). A five-centimetre-layer of shredded bark around the plants will help retain moisture and keep soil cool. In autumn, remove roses and plant them permanently into a garden bed. Look for these white miniature roses: ‘Corsage’, ‘Little White Pet’, ‘White Quill’ and ‘White Chariot’. All are hardy to Zone 5.

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