Plants - Roses

Growing white roses

Judith Adam
Photography by
Tracy Cox

Light up your garden with delicately tinted, go-with-anything white roses


Seasons of bloom
Remontant roses have several flushes of bloom throughout the growing season. This category includes modern and old shrub roses, modern climbers, grandiflora and floribunda roses, rugosa and musk roses, hybrid perpetuals, English garden roses, noisette and portland roses, dwarf polyantha roses, hybrid tea and China roses, ramblers and pillar roses.

Summer-blooming roses have one sustained flush of heavy flowering for a six-week period from early to midsummer. This category includes antique roses such as alba, bourbon, gallica, moss, centifolia and damask; and hybrid species roses such as eglanteria, foetida, filipes, nitida, macrophylla, moyesii, pimpinellifolia and rubrifolia.

Shown: 'Little White Pet'



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