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April 2013 Issue:

April 2013

Fresh for spring: Create a French potager in your backyard; throw a planting party; buy the tools you really need; Ottawa's Tulip Festival; enjoy first-year bloomers; design focal points in your garden and more!

Table of Contents


4 From the Editor

7 Feedback


87 Shopping Guide

90 Garden Inspiration


11 CG Market
Fresh ideas and products for better gardening

14 Get the Look
Bring the natural beauty of Wales to your outdoor space

16 Smoothie of the Month
A garden-fresh smoothie to boost natural health and well-being

18 Healthy Ingredient
Beta carotene-filled carrots are packed with delicious flavour and nutritional benefits

20 Stretching Solutions
Two simple stretches for your neck and wrists

22 Stephen Speaks
Horticulture editor Stephen Westcott-Gratton puts his money where his mouth is

24 Dirty Work
Gardening expert Karen York provides beginner, intermediate and advanced techniques for transplanting

26 Trees We Love
The allure of the Ussurian pear

28 Design Inspiration
Landscape designer Judith Adam looks for inspiration abroad and shows us how to get the look

32 Profile
New cultivars of Siberian bugloss look graceful in our flowerbeds

78 Kitchen Gardener
Your garden has everything you need for a delicious Greek salad

86 Road Trip
Head to Ottawa for the Canadian Tulip Festival

88 Spotlight
We get to know gardener, painter and photographer Elaine Waisglass


36 Heavenly Gates
A garden gate can be as beautiful as the space it secures

41 Tool Time
We’ve hand-selected the best tools to meet all your watering, lawn care and planting needs

48 Open Concept
Pathways, structures and artwork provide architectural definition in this Quebec garden

54 It’s About Time
Host a party to pot up seedlings for a fun, productive afternoon

60 Spring Encore
A historic garden filled with plants and memories in equal measure

68 Dashing Debuts
Twelve seed-sown beauties that offer flowers their first year out

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