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Best shrubs for fall fruit

Anne-Marie Van Nest
Photography by
Jerry Pavia

Our favourite fruit-bearing shrubs

‘Winter Red' winterberry (Ilex verticillata ‘Winter Red')
‘Winter Red' is an oddity among hollies, most of which are evergreen. Once it's touched by frost, this small, rounded, multi-stemmed, female shrub quickly sheds its fleshy, yellowish brown leaves to reveal glorious, bright red fruit that lasts throughout most of the winter. The only thing is, she hates living alone. A male holly, such as I. v. ‘Southern Gentleman', needs to be planted nearby (no farther than 20 metres) to keep her company and ensure good pollination and fruiting. (Hmmm. Maybe she should have been called ‘Scarlet'.) ‘Winter Red' grows about three metres tall by 2.5 metres wide, with small, greenish white blooms in June. For best fruit, plant ‘Winter Red' and ‘Southern Gentleman' in full sun, in moist to moderately well-drained, slightly acidic soil. Zone 3

Hansa' rugosa rose (Rosa rugosa ‘Hansa')
Height: 1.5 m Spread: 1.2 m Location: full sun; well-drained, sandy loam Cultivation: easy; no deadheading or pruning; salt- and drought-tolerant Flowers: crimson purple, double, fragrant; repeats June to frost Foliage: dark green; yellow to orange-red in fall Fruit: large, bright red hips from August into winter Zone: 2

‘Erie' linden viburnum (Viburnum dilatatum ‘Erie')
Height: 2.5 m Spread: 3.5 m Location: full sun to part shade; rich, well-drained soil Cultivation: slow-growing, rarely needs pruning Flowers: creamy white; mid-May Foliage: green; yellow, orange and red in fall Fruit: orange-red, turns coral after frost; persists through winter Zone: 5

‘Ariso' pink snowberry
Symphoricarpos x doorenbosii ‘Ariso' (a.k.a. Marleen)

Height: 1 m Spread: 1.5 m Location: full sun to part shade; well-drained, sandy loam Cultivation: easy; if unruly, shear in spring Flowers: small, pinkish white; July to August Foliage: blue-green; yellowish brown in fall Fruit: purplish pink; September through November Zone: 3

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