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Cheer up your sleeping garden with spring-flowering trees and shrubs


After a long winter in hibernation, these colourful blooms kick-start the season

Forsythias: One of the first signs of spring
Stunning showers of golden blooms are the reward for the gardener who favours this low-maintenance beauty

Grow dependable, delightful dogwood

The dogwood family boasts an enviable pedigree. Here are some of the best bracts to add to your garden.

The bloomerang purple lilac

This new breed doesn’t stop blooming in spring. Expect blooms throughout the summer, too.

Magical magnolias

Add an exotic touch to the spring garden with the tried-and-true and the new

Witch hazel: A tree that blooms in winter

The tiny yellow flowers of witch hazel warm the winter months and usher in spring

The graceful beauty of ornamental cherry trees

Though their delicate blooms may be fleeting, the graceful beauty of ornamental cherry trees is delightful year-round

Growing crabapples

With bursts of white, pink or red blooms in spring, here are some new thoughts on an old Canadian favourite

Pruning advice for your spring-flowering shrubs

TLC tips to ensure that glorious bursts of spring colour reappear year after year

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