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Choose the perfect Christmas tree

How to pick the perfect specimen and care for it over the holidays

Don’t procrastinate
Avoid leaving tree shopping until the last minute. After December 15, the best trees will be gone. “Two weeks before Christmas is the optimum time for picking your tree. Many cut-your-own farms will be running out of stock by then,” says Gough.

Caring for your tree
Forget the ginger ale, aspirin, sugar water or bleach. A study done by The Natural Christmas Christmas Tree Association proved that plain H20 is the best solution to prolong the life of your tree.

“Solutions like sugar water actually create a seal and prevent the cells between the bark and the wood from taking up water and your tree will dry out quicker,” says Gough.

Gough’s tree tips
  • When you get the tree home, immediately cut between half an inch to one inch off the bottom.
  • Make sure your stand is big enough for your tree.
  • Water your tree immediately. It’s going to be thirsty, so start off with four litres and keep topping that up.
  • As soon as the needles start of drop, your tree is done. Pack it up and send it out to be recycled.
  • Ask your tree farm for a tree bag. These convenient bags rest underneath the tree so when you are done you simply pull the bag up around the tree and put it outside with no pine needle trails.

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