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Golden evergreens

6 evergreens that add a touch of gold to the garden.

‘Rheingold' Eastern White Cedar (Thuja occidentalis ‘Rheingold')
Like a beacon, the golden, lacy foliage of ‘Rheingold' Eastern white cedar attracts your attention. An excellent accent plant, this teardrop-shaped arborvitae reaches 1.5 metres tall with a similar spread. New growth in spring is an intense yellow, which turns greenish with yellow overtones in summer and finally a rich, bronze-yellow in winter. ‘Rheingold' grows happily in moist to wet, well-drained soil; this plant is not drought-tolerant. Support the plant in winter by wrapping it in burlap or evergreen netting or tying it with twine to protect it from heavy snow or ice. Plant in full sun for best colour. Zone 2.

‘Gold Coast' pfitzer juniper Juniperus x pfitzeriana ‘Gold Coast'
Height 60 to 100 cm Spread 100 to 125 cm (grows 40 cm per year) Location full sun; moist, well-drained soil; tolerates most soils Cultivation easy to grow Foliage chrome-yellow needle colour deepens in winter; soft, lacy texture Zone 3

‘Emerald 'n Gold' wintercreeper euonymus Euonymus fortunei ‘Emerald 'n Gold'
Height 60 cm Spread 60 to 120 cm (grows 50 cm per year) Location full sun to part shade; moist to dry soil; tolerates most conditions except excessively swampy or wet Cultivation easy to grow; climbs with support. Prune to keep plant dense; prune out all-green leaves; watch for euonymus scale Foliage small, lustrous green leaves edged in gold; pinkish red fall and winter colour Flowers greenish white; June Zone 5

Old Gold' pfitzer juniper Juniperus x pfitzeriana ‘Old Gold'
Height 90 to 120 cm Spread 100 to 150 cm (after 10 years) Location full sun to part shade; moist to dry, well-drained soil; tolerates sand and clay Cultivation easy to grow; susceptible to spider mites Foliage bronze-coloured, gold (new growth) and green needles (holds golden colour into winter); medium fine, lacy texture Zone 3

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‘Golden Gem' Japanese holly Ilex crenata ‘Golden Gem', Zone 5

‘Mother Lode' creeping juniper Juniperus horizontalis ‘Mother Lode', Zone 3

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