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Plant profile: Buddleja

This shrub also known as a butterfly bush produces fragrant blooms in a rainbow of colours.

Buddlejas, also known as the butterfly bush have always been an easy sell: What’s not to like about a shrub that may be large or small, that prod­uces fragrant blooms in a rainbow of colours for months on end, and that attracts heaps of butterflies and hummingbirds?

In fact, the only down­side to this superb shrub is that it isn’t hardy in much of Canada, and when it does find conditions to its liking, it’s prone to producing rather more offspring than is polite. Fortun­ately for gardeners in colder zones, over the past three or four years there has been a proliferation of compact cultivars great for small gardens and particularly well suited to containers. Whether they’re planted in beds or in pots, buddlejas make terrific “temp­ perennials,” given their long season of bloom and fuss­free attitude.

'Miss Ruby' photography by Proven Winners

Plant profile: Buddleja
The genus Buddleja contains about 100 species with a wide distribution from the Americas to Asia and Africa. The first species to reach Europe was the Central American B. americana in the 1730s. The new plant was named in honour of English clergy­man and botanist Adam Buddle (1660-­1715), whose horticultural pas­sions were apparently confined to mosses and liverworts.

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