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The 2011 rhododendrons of the year

See which rhodos and azaleas received top honours--you just might want to add one to your garden



Lepidote: ‘Mary Fleming’ ((R. racemosum x R. keiskei) X R. keiskei)
(pictured under Great Lakes)

Deciduous azalea: ‘My Mary’ (‘Nacoochee’ X R. austrinum)
(pictured here)
The dark green foliage is held on a multi-stemmed stoloniferous shrub that is rounded in shape. Large, wavy-edged fragrant yellow funnel-shaped flowers with orange tubes reach 2½ inches across. Each truss may hold as many as 25 flowers. The plant blooms in early midseason and is hardy to -23 C (-10 F). It grows to three to five feet in 10 years. Transplant Nursery founder George Beasley named it for his wife, Mary, who died in the summer of 2010.

photo by D.C. Royster

Evergreen azalea: ‘Mary Ann Egan’ (‘Amagasa’ (s) X 'Grace Freeman No. 2’)
(not pictured)
The funnel-shaped single white flowers are wavy-edged with a solid reddish orange band. They are 3¼ inches wide and appear in early mid-season. It has a dense growth habit with moderate olive green leaves that turn a mix of colors in the fall. It is hardy to -21 C (-5 F) and grows to about two by three feet in 10 years. Available for many years, it has only recently been registered. It is one of many hybrids by the recently deceased James Harris of Lawrenceville, Ga.


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