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Witch hazel: A shrub that blooms in winter

The tiny yellow flowers are a welcome beacon of colour during the cold winter months

Popular witch hazel cultivars

. x intermedia
‘Arnold Promise'
Its clear yellow, fragrant flowers have a reddish base; blooms from late February to March. Zone 5

One of the most brilliant red varieties; it blooms in February. Zone 6

‘Feuerzauber' a.k.a. ‘Fire Charm'
The large coppery orange flowers of this beauty bloom in February; in fall its foliage turns to a yellow-orange. Zone 5

This cultivar's petals are long at 2.5 centimetres; they're red at the base, orange in the middle and yellow at the tip. Zone 5; shown right

A sweetly fragrant variety with pale yellow flowers that bloom in late February. Zone 5

‘Ruby Glow'
Its coppery red flowers mature to reddish brown in February and March. The summer leaf colour is medium green, turning to a combination of orange and red in the fall. Zone 4

The lemon yellow flowers appear in late January. Zone 5

H. japonica ‘Zuccariniana'
Its orange-yellow foliage gives way to pale yellow flowers in February and March. Zone 5

H. mollis ‘Goldcrest'
The large flowers of this cultivar are yellow with red at the base and bloom from February to March. Zone 5

H. vernalis ‘Lombart's Weeping'
The spreading, pendent branches of this shrub have abundant orange-red flowers in mid-winter and brilliant yellow foliage in fall. Zone 4

Its purple leaves turn brilliant shades of yellow, orange and red in fall with cadmium yellow-coloured flowers in late winter. Zone 4.


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